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PromoStation is a 'next generation' digital label management platform.
We make it easy to Promote, Distribute & Protect your music.




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We’ve created a state-of-the-art system designed to simplify every aspect of sending promos to your industry contacts.
Manage your contact database, create custom campaigns with your own branding, protect your campaigns with audio watermarking, then view real-time reporting and analytics.
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We have partnerships with the world’s leading download stores and streaming services, enabling you to get your music released on them simultaneously, without the need for existing agreements.
You can compile and submit a release for delivery in minutes. This can save you days or even weeks of uploading content to individual stores. We provide you with in-depth sales reporting online and pay you directly for all sales.
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All files sent through PromoStation are individually watermarked, allowing leaks to be traced back to the original recipient. Our unique anti-piracy tool also scours the internet for illegal versions of your music across hundreds of file sharing sites. You can use this to send automated DMCA takedown notices to offending sites. We’ll also help you get those URLs removed from search engine results. The elimination of pirate links helps to maximize legal sales of your catalog.
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